Moisturizing Face Cream Anti-Stains Anti-Age

Moisturizing Face Cream Anti-Stains Anti-Age 50+ Spf

extra virgin olive oil Ravece

- Arbutin
- Uva Ursina
- Aloe Extract
- Hyaluronic Acid

Content: Extra Virgin Olive Oil made exclusively from Ravece plants, with a very high value of polyphenols that perform a deep antioxidant and regenerating action; Sunscreen 50 UVA UVB, to safely prevent the harmful effects of sunlight; Arbutin, which performs depigmenting action on areas of skin with spots; Uva Ursina performs a whitening action on the skin marked by dark spots that appear as a result of sun exposure; Aloe extract has a dermoprotective, moisturizing and emollient action; Strong moisturizing hyaluronic acid is suitable for the correction of wrinkles of the skin and the shaping of the face volume.

Properties: face cream with high sun protection for skin exposed to the sun can show the appearance of skin spots. At the same time, the ingredients contained in this cream perform real Anti-Age action. The product absorbs quickly and leaves no unpleasant greasy feeling.
How to use: : Use the cream before exposure to sunlight. Apply a thin layer of cream all over the face and décolleté, apply massaging with circular movements until completely absorbed. Repeat the application frequently during the day.