Body Treatment

Moisturizing Body Treatment

"Body Scrub" exfoliation
once or twice a week
Body Scrub with micronized bamboo suitable for all skin types, removes the superficial layers of the epidermis with the main effect of increasing cell turnover and helping tissue renewal. Its components make it suitable for receiving any subsequent treatments. It has a moisturizing, regenerating and velvety effect.

Hydration "Moisturizing and Nourishing Body Cream"
twice a day for very dry skin
Moisturizing and nourishing body cream suitable for all skin types, with toning properties. It makes the epidermis soft and velvety.

Anti-cellulite Body Treatment

Anticellulite "Toning and Draining Cream"
twice a day
Specific cream for the adjuvant treatment against cellulite blemishes. The presence of thermoactive substances followed by a slight redness facilitates capillary permeability and lipolytic action. A draining and purifying cream that fights fat deposits and helps remodeling the body. Considerably reduces orange peel skin. Tones and firms the tissues.

Use the cream for 20 consecutive days, morning and evening. Suspend the treatment for about 20 days. Repeat the cycle 3 times. It is recommended to carry out the anti-cellulite treatment twice a year.

Massages practiced regularly, favor the reduction of cellulite on the treated areas; in particular on: Buttocks - Thighs - Knees

-The massage should always be performed from the bottom up
-Always exert a fair amount of pressure on the skin
-The duration for an ideal massage is at least 10 minutes

1. Prepare the skin: before applying the cream, wash the areas to be treated and dry them well
2. Apply the product: distribute the cream on the affected areas, such as thighs, buttocks and knees and "knead". To move the tissues in depth, take a large area of ​​skin in your hands and gently stretch it upwards. Repeat the action several times.
3. Pinch: with closed fingers, quickly take and release the skin with upward circular movements.
4. Stroking: perform a wider movement on the affected area while still exerting a fair amount of pressure. Repeat several times.
5. Relax: To enhance the effects of the massage, lift your legs higher than your heart. In this way, the liquids handled will find their way into the lymphatic system more easily.
A massage performed correctly will enhance the anti-cellulite results, which will be evident already in the second week of treatment.
The massage reactivates the circulation and the lymphatic system and helps correct the microcirculatory imbalance caused by cellulite.

Movement and lymphatic and blood reactivation help eliminate water accumulated in the tissues. The first effect of a good massage is the increase in diuresis.

The treated areas appear more toned and compact.

- Diet: Avoid overly salty foods / Prefer steaming / Eat fruit rich in potassium

- Physical activity: do motor exercises for at least 30 minutes a day / Maintain a correct posture / Avoid stress

- Hydration: drink 2 liters of water a day / Limit spirits / Yes to infusions and herbal teas