Moisturizing Face Cream Nourishing

Moisturizing Face Cream Nourishing 6Spf

extra virgin olive oil Ravece

- Allantoin
- Marine Collagen
- Hyaluronic Acid
- Vitamin E

Content: Extra Virgin Olive Oil made exclusively from Ravece plants, with a very high value of polyphenols that performs a deep antioxidant and regenerating action; Sunscreen 6 UVA UVB, to prevent the effects of sunlight; Allantoin, protects the skin, hydrates while performing a lenitive function; Marine Collagen, consisting of numerous amino acids, strengthens the connective tissue of the epidermis and is able to reduce the signs of aging; Vitamin E, for an antioxidant action and to dampen the formation of free radicals and to preserve the natural skin hydration.

: moisturizing face cream with low sun protection suitable for all skin types, which improves firmness, elasticity and ensures immediate and lasting hydration to the skin; it absorbs quickly, does not leave an unpleasant grease feeling.
How to use: Apply a thin layer of cream all over the face and décolleté, apply massaging with circular movements until completely absorbed. Repeat the application frequently during the day.